Ep 2: Navigating Social Media

Social media can be overwhelming, we would know. Chau and I interact with social media every day as marketing interns. We use Canva to create infographics and are improving our techniques as we go. In this week’s episode, we talk about our first impressions of Canva, what we have learned, and where we want to improve. Everything has a learning curve to it, including navigating social media on a professional platform, do not be afraid to make some mistakes along the way (they are half the fun!). Think of creating content like creating a podcast, the hardest part is starting!

Essential Tips for Creating Infographics on Canva

  • Make a color template guideline for your company’s social media. Using Excel or Google Sheets, copy the names of your color palate into a column. use the fill tool to make the adjacent cell an example of the colors within the palate







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